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Sweat Facts
Smelly information on perspiration!

The sweat that oozes from your pores is actually a weak version of pee, made up of the same components as urine: water, salts, and urea. It also contains a chemical that is the same as wasp poison, and another chemical that is similar to what skunks spray.

According to Nature Genetics, some unfortunate people's bodies lack a particular enzyme that absorbs a smelly protein made by bacteria in the stomach. As a result of this deficiency, these people have a horrible rotten-fish odo that constantly seeps out in their sweat.

Tom Cruise admitted that when he was filming The Outsiders in the early 1980s, he went weeks without bathing in order to get into the angst of his character, and probably on the nerves of the other actors.

King Louis XII of France took only two baths in his life. Long live the long — not! Not bathing was a sign of prestige. Of course people stank, but they covered it up with perfumes, oils, and spices.

A survey published in Le Figaro reported that the French wash less than other people do. They also wash less than they claim to.

French King Henri IV was described as "smelling like carrion." When his fiancee, Marie de Medicis, met her intended bridegroom, she swooned—not because of his appearance but because of his smell.

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