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Nose Picking
Nasal pickers, boogers and bogies!

Think no one will ever know if you eat your boogers when alone? Scientists found that one kind of bacterium that is occasionally found in human intestines lives in nasal passages. It appears in the intestines only when one eats one's boogers.

Some Eskimos suck the snot out of their babies' noses with their mouths.

An extensive scientific survey of rhinotillexomania—nose-picking to you—and 1,200 Wisconsin!tes agreed to answer a nose-picking questionnaire. The findings included:-

  • 66 A percent of pickers did it to relieve discomfort or itchiness.
  • 2.1 percent did it for enjoyment.
  • 65.1 percent used the index finger.
  • Once removed, the nasal debris was examined by most.

According to one judge, blowing one's nose into a police officer's hamburger may have been foul, but it wasn't a felony. The ruling came down after a disgruntled burger jockey showed his contempt for authority by sneezing on a cop's burger. All they could charge him with was a misdemeanor.

People think it's disgusting to swallow snot, but you swallow a lot of it daily anyway; it just travels naturally down the back of your throat.

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