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Nipple Facts
Things you don't want to know!

Lome Greene surely didn't want to have his nipples pierced, but when he was on "Lome Greene's Wild Kingdom," one of his guests did it for him anyway. An alligator bit off one of his nipples while he was hosting his popular animal show.

Mark Wahlberg has three nipples. The reason you don't see it—and probably didn't know about it unless you heard him talking about it on the Howard Stern show—is that it was airbrushed out in his famous Calvin Klein underwear ads.

In the late 1890s, bosom rings came into fashion. These rings were inserted through the nipple, and some women wore one on each side, linking them together with decorative chains.

The fashion died out after people began to think the rings were revolting, but now it's coming back, even though most people still think it's weird...

According to Sex Chronicles, in the Assini region of Africa, very large nipples were considered sexy, so girls submitted to painful techniques to achieve these saucer-sized nipples. They encouraged the larvae of insects to attack their nipples, or poured substances on them to irritate the skin, causing the nipples to swell.

One California woman said she could still produce milk four years after giving birth—and showed off this useless skill to the poor souls trying to have a peaceful lunch at a pizza parlor, without her spritzing and mooing them.

When the police arrived, she squirted the sergeant in the face with milk. According to Stupid Sex, she had a history of "unauthorized squirting." This included one case in which she squirted milk at a man while shouting: "Bet you can't do this, sonny!"

In the Middle Ages, having a third nipple identified a person as a witch, since the Devil supposedly sucked it. That was bad news, witches were usually burned at the stake.


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