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Fart Art
Flatulence for Art's Sake!

The story of one unintended fart artist was reported in Scientific American a few years ago. This twenty-four-year-old man went to a Wales hospital complaining of weird crackling sounds coming from pockets of air trapped under his skin. The sounds came from all over his body, including his ass, "providing a built-in whoopee-cushion effect."

It turns out that he had inflated a large number of balloons for a party earlier that day. His vigorous blowing had ruptured some of his alveoli, causing this effect.

The most famous professional "bottom burper" today is a British performer who calls himself Mr. Methane and performs "rectal rumblings," such as playing the British national anthem (although Americans hear it as "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" and think he's performing for them).

On New Year's Eve, he also farts the countdown, and then plays "Auld Lang Syne."

There are two gases in farts that are flammable, and one (methane) is even used for heating stoves. That's why farts can flame, and a favorite game among jerks is to ignite their farts. This can lead to singed hairs, second-degree burns, and a good time for a lot of young drunks.

Lighting one's own farts. The person holds the flame behind his ass while in a squatting position.

Fart ignition through underwear. This presents potential dangers if one is wearing nylon or other synthetic shorts.

Fart-igniting contests and Olympic games - One participant reported that at his college, "prizes for distance, brilliance, and overall artistic appeal" were awarded

Toward the end of the 1800s, Joseph Pujol, also known as Le Petomaneóor the manic farteróbecame famous by playing a rather unconventional wind instrument. This he did while impeccably attired in a tuxedo, white stockings, and gloves, hardly projecting the appearance of someone who would then put out a candle a foot away, smoke a cigarette with a pipe attached to his rear, or imitate a dressmaker tearing calico.

He became so popular with this unconventional performance that he once gave a private showing for the Prince of Wales. When he died in 1945, at eighty-eight, the Sorbonne, in Paris, even offered his family $10,000 to examine his body. Since the family knew what part of his body they wanted to examine, they turned them down.

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