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Weird facts and information

A Maryland man was so upset over his breakup with his girlfriend that he stabbed her in the chest and attempted to remove the breast implants he had bought for her because he didn't want his successors to benefit from them.

After he was arrested for assault, the couple appeared together in court breast friends once again you could say and stated that despite what had happened, they wanted to stay together. After all, it was just a little tit for tat.

In another eerie case concerning transplants, a Columbia, South Carolina, woman couldn't get her insurance company to pay for the removal of her silicone breast implants, which had caused her a number of continuing health problems. So she simply took a razor and cut out her own breast implants.

The women of Africa's Nandi tribe thought they were making their breasts more beautiful by wearing two plate-shaped disks around their necks; these pressed against their breasts while they were developing. This eventually elongated their tits, leaving them hanging like strips of skin on an emaciated ninety-year-old woman.

They were so flat that mothers threw these jugs over their shoulders and nursed their babies on their backs.

These women apparently didn't mind their breasts ending up flat as a pancakes, since their men seemed to like them that way.

Many men develop female-type globes one poor man had eight breasts but one guy had an even harder time of it.

He had a breast that grew on his right inner thigh. And he couldn't lie and tell the curious that it was a wart or a tumor, because it was the size of a goose egg, was soft, and had an areola.

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