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Body Excretions
Weird facts about your body!

Ear Wax: Some people eat the waxy buildup out of their ears. Worse still, one woman was spotted in Spain munching casually on her eye-boogers (also known as eye crust, or "sleep", which contains some urine).

Cradle Cap: That crud in the baby's bed is not necessarily dandruff. It's called cradle crap, and it's caused by leftover chemicals from the mother's body. They make oil glands in the baby's head become active after birth.

Belly Button Fluff: Ever wonder what causes a belly button booger as you stare at it, pick it, or eat it? It's lint, mainly from your clothing, which sticks to the sweat and remains there after the moisture departs.

Bezoars: Are repulsive bundles of hair, vegetable fibers, or food that form in the stomachs of humans (and animals). Incredibly, Queen Elizabeth I had a bezoar included in her crown jewels. Sometimes bezoars become large enough to cause trouble. One woman chewed her hair enough for a bezoar to form; it was large enough that it had to be surgically removed.

Abcess: If a tooth gets really rotten, a pus-filled hole, or abscess, can form underneath it. Sometimes germs from this abscess attack the gums and form a gumboil. If this bursts, the mouth fills with vile-tasting pus.

Saliva: When a person pees, a small deposit of urine enters the mouth via the saliva glands.

Toe jam: Comes from bacteria dining on the fatty acids in the sweat that pours out of the foot's pores. But it's not only dead bacteria that give that gunk between your toes a bad odor; it's also their piles of waste.

Dust: Is made of dead skin cells. You change your entire bodys cells every seven years... don't leave a room for that long, don't hoover, it'll be you all over the room!

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