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Bizarre Festivals and Contests
There are some strange events!

During the Great Arkansas Pig-Out, there's a contest called Running of the Fat Guys. Contestants weighing between 250 and 300 pounds run through three checkpoints, where they have to shovel down pizzas, cola, and Snickers bars.

The tomatina festival in Bunol, Spain, has the whole town throwing tomatoes at one another.

In a contest held by Maxim magazine to find out who had the worst boss, some agreed with the statement that their boss could be replaced by a hamster and no one would notice. But one worker thought her boss stank the worst of them all because he was constantly scratching his ass and sniffing the results.

The National Rotten Sneaker Championship in Montpelier, Vermont, offers the person with the foulest old sneakers a new pair—and a can of badly needed deodorant foot powder.

Residents of Talkeetna, Alaska, hold an annual Moose Dropping Festival, at which jewelry is fashioned from the animal's dung, swizzle sticks are decorated with moose droppings, and 750 gold-painted moose turds are dropped out of a helium balloon onto a field in which a giant X is painted. Whoever's gets closest to the X wins $1,000.

Elma, Washington, has an annual slug festival in which locals dress up as slugs and worm their way into slug races.

A toilet manufacturer is holding a contest for the best potty-training photo. The child who bowls the most people over with his or her on-the-john photo will receive a check for $25,000.

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