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> You have WHAT stuck? - Things you'd maybe rather not know...

Welcome to - we've a site full of weird, bizarre, strange and disturbing facts, information and stuff!

It's also interesting, we all seem to have a morbid fascination for the weird things in life, be it our own body, what others get up to or the world around us.

Be warned though there is information in this site you really might not want to know, do you want to know about the bacteria that are around you, is ignorance bliss?! It's for you to decide!

Apart from lots of interesting facts, anecdotes, stories and information we also hope to educate as well as shock and disturb... what one person thinks is disgusting is normal to another. Likewise what was once abhorrant behaviour, is now accepted and vice versa.

Being exposed to gross and bizarre information can also help us be more tolorant of others, to quote Oscar Wilde "Vulgarity is the behaviour of others". For example, we all pick our noses, but think someone picking their nose is gross!

A word of warning..

This site is text heavy and contains facts, information, stories and anecdotes - it doesn't contain any gross pictures or bizarre images. It does contain information about things that are gross though, so be warned!

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